Citizenship and Modern Studies

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New DVD and websiteWho Runs This Place? An investigation

DVD pack £25.00 ex Vat.

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DVD pack
Content: 5 parts: Banking, Big Business, the Media, Politics & How Open Is Britain?
DVD: Who Runs This Place? 90 minutes plus 60 page linked Support Guide on the DVD
Suitability: Y10, 11 & 12, College and University

Who runs this place? is a student led investigation into political power in Britain.

Over the last year, a group of 16-18 year olds gained unprecedented access to boardrooms and corridors of power in Britain. They came face to face with the top people in business, finance, politics and the media and asked them ‘who runs this place?

They visited the boardrooms of

• Royal Bank of Scotland
• the BBC
• Vodafone
• BP
• Better Capital
• the British Bankers Association
• the CBI
• the NHS
• the Daily Mail

Who Runs This Place - An Investigation
Investigators in the city

They questioned senior journalists:
Jon Snow, Alan Yentob, Stephanie Flanders and Greg Dyke, as well as politicians Jon Cruddas MP, Andrew Tyrie MP, campaigners and whistleblowers.

Where does power lie? In this DVD, the hidden anatomy of Britain is revealed. These interviews are hard-hitting and insightful and expose the gap between these young people’s lives and the world of the rich and the powerful.

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Who Runs This Place - An Investigation
With Jon Snow at Channel 4

Join this remarkable journey.
It provides an indispensible insight into twenty first century Britain through the eyes of young people.

Who Runs This Place? website

The DVD is supported by a website and internet forum, for student use.
It contains the investigation in brief and an introduction to the student investigators.
Click here:


Buy the DVD here. £25.00 ex Vat; £30.00 inc Vat (Please use the "order online" link in the main menu)

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going to university
Everything You Want To Know About Going To University

DVD £39.99 ex Vat.

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A Question and Answer interactive DVD designed specifically for students who are the first in family to go to University.

DVD Resource:
DVD content: 20 questions 3-4 minutes each
2 student tours of universities 10 minutes each

Briefing & Advice: 20 printable pages downloadable from:
Suitability: Years 10, 11 & 12

Going To UniversityFilmed in small group sessions, students from years 10,11 and 12 ask the questions. They are from a wide range of backgrounds and are the first in their family planning to go to University. Their questions are an A - Z of their concerns and aspirations; from “where will I live?” to “will I get a better job?"

The answers come from graduate students fro m exactly the same backgrounds and are direct, clear and honest. Each question is formatted for instant click and view and, with the linked student briefing sheets, allows students to easily focus on the issues, so they can consider their options and make appropriate decisions.

The Questions Include:

  • Why Go?
  • How much will it cost? Loans, grants and bursaries.
  • What is a seminar?
  • Where will I live?
  • The first day - How bad is it?
  • How hard is degree work?
  • Working to a deadline - will I be chased?
  • Keeping up – who can I turn to for help?
  • My parents are worried - what can I tell them?

The answers are candid, funny, insightful and honest.

Two Student tours of Universities.
These two ten minute films follow
year 10 and 11 students visiting two Universities: Sussex, a purpose-built campus, and Greenwich, a multi site university.

The students visit lecture halls, libraries, IT centres and a hall of residence. The students see for themselves exactly what life at university involves and their questions cover the academic demands, finance and lifestyle.

These films are ideal preparation for students visiting universities themselves, so they know what to ask 
and can get the best from their visit.

Review by George Ferris
Aimhigher Consultant Waltham Forest East London:

This is a thorough and truly comprehensive guide which prepares young people for the difficult choice of deciding both whether to go to university and where and how to apply.

The material is fresh and direct, involving current undergrads and school and college students in wide ranging question and answer sessions which really do ‘touch all the bases’.

The DVD will prepare groups and individuals to get the most out of visits to Universities, and if this is not feasible this is the next best thing to being there, including tours of both city and campus environments.

Information ranges from the realities of shared space student life to the practicalities of making ends meet on a student loan: from the angst of making new friends to the possibilities of trying new hobbies.

The wealth of material is well organised and accessible, and combined with comprehensive on-line notes offering suggestions and activities, which could form the basis of either a school or college themed day  or a course of two to six sessions in a wide range of careers, G&T and life-skills contexts.

This DVD is an essential tool in helping young people make sense of the choices facing them in the sometime unfamiliar area of higher education.


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The Animated Universal Declaration of Human Rights

PicassoDVD £20 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

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Content: 15 minutes - 30 articles
Suitability: 11-18 years, PSHE, RE, Citizenship

This richly animated DVD, is an accessible and enjoyable introduction to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (UDHR).

What does the Universal Declaration say?

Although it is part of our political vocabulary, few people actually know what it says. Amnesty International have produced ths 'youth version' of the UDHR which avoids the legalese and jargon and expresses the 30 articles in clear and simple language.

What can I use the DVD for?

The DVD comes with a copy of the youth version of the UDHR plus a printable pdf file also on the DVD, that wil allow you to print off as many copies as you want.

This resource should be a key part of the Citizenship curriculum.

The animated sequences were made specially for Amnesty International by the world's top animators. The words and music were provided by Impington Village College in Cambridge.

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Your MP

Your MPDVD £29.99 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

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Content: 68 minutes in 9 units indexed for easy access with stop / start discussion points
Activity sheets: 40 printable worksheets on DVD
Suitability: Key Stage 4-5, Politics / Citizenship / PSHE / Modern Studies

Your MP is a unique insight into the role and responsibility of a Member of Parliament. This unit based resource is specially designed to introduce students to the importance of the democratic process. John McDonnell MP provided unrestricted access to his election campaign, his work in Parliament and his constituency. It includes issues of representation, accountability and the democratic mandate.

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The Energy Debate - Controlled Area - radiationThe Energy Debate

DVD 29.99 ex Vat + £2.50 postage

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Content: 60 minutes in 6 units
Activity sheets: 14 viewable/printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Key Stage 4-5

This debate should be part of every school curriculum.
What is our energy future?
What are the options?
Is nuclear power the answer?
Will we have a say?

TThe Energy Debate - The Forss wind farmhe Six DVD units are:

  1. Energy Crisis
  2. Nuclear or Not?
  3. Clean Coal
  4. Renewables
  5. Zero Carbon
  6. Energy Efficiency

In The Energy Debate the basic facts and different viewpoints are presented clearly and concisely by people directly involved in the energy sector. It was shot on location in the UK.

  • Can renewables like wind, wave and thermal power deliver?
  • Can fossil fuels be cleaned up and made more efficient?
  • Surely nuclear with it’s low carbon output is just what we need?
  • Couldn’t we use a lot less energy? Are we ready?

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Why Civil Liberties?

Citizenship | RetributionDVD £29.99 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

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Content: 73 minutes in 7 units
Activity sheets: 58 page Activities and Briefings on DVD
Suitability: Key Stages 4-5, PSHE, RE, Citizenship

Using documentary, news footage and drama, this exciting DVD pack introduces 14-18 year olds to the topic of rights and civil liberties. It explores issues such as racism, sexual harassment, miscarriages of justice, disability, sexuality and freedom of expression. The pack includes 80 photocopiable activity sheets.

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Citizenship Lord TebbitDVD £29.99 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

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Content: Eighteen 5-6 minute units indexed for easy access with stop / start discussion points
Activity sheets: 40 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Key Stage 4-5, Citizenship / PSHE

Citizenship Jeremy Hardy What is good Citizenship? 12 British citizens and a political refugee give their diverse views on this important topic. Questions include: What rights does a citizen have? Are there ever times when a citizen should break the law ? Can a citizen ever be too powerful? This challenging resource encourages students to listen to and understand a diverse range of views. Transcribed sections of the interviews allows students to carefully compare and analyse arguments.
It will engage students from different backgrounds and with differing abilities to consider their rights and responsibilities in the adult world.

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Crime and Punishment

Crime and PunishmentDVD £29.99 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

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Content: 60 minutes in 10 units
Activity sheets: 40 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: 14-18 years and Youth Offending Teams, PSHE, RE, Citizenship

Should we get tough with offenders? Is punishment a deterrent? Can offending behaviour be changed? What's it like inside? This DVD examines our diverse and often contradictory attitudes towards crime and punishment. Victims, criminals, prison staff, police and politicians discuss their views, drawing out the social, moral and political issues. The pack includes 30 activity sheets.

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Money & Morality

Money and MoralityDVD £29.99 ex vat +£2.50 p&p

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Content: 24 Questions in 6 units indexed for easy access with stop/start discussion points
Activity sheets: 40 Printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Key Stage 4-5, Critical Thinking / RE and Moral Studies / Business Studies

This is a lively and provocative DVD resource for students to consider and reconsider their attitudes towards money. It looks at the moral and ethical implications of what we earn, the taxes we pay, the investments we make, what we lend and borrow.

A diverse range of views are presented, including those from former Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont, Bruce Kent and stand-up comedian Mark Thomas, as well as experts from the world of finance and religion; christian, jewish and muslim.

Questions include:

  • Can someone earn too much money?
  • What are ethical investments?
  • When does interest become usury?
  • What is a moral or ethical taxation system?
  • What are the moral implications of inheriting wealth?

Download Money & Morality leaflet / order form

Resolving Conflict

PSE - Resolving ConflictDVD £29.99 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

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Content: 95 minutes in 9 units
Activity sheets: 55 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Key Stages 4-5, PSHE, RE, Citizenship

Learning to resolve conflict is a challenge for all young people. Using a series of real-life case studies, this pack examines how conflict is caused and how it is resolved. It looks at issues such as road rage, bullying at school, domestic violence, communities at war, using mediation and restorative justice. A 55-page workbook suggests activities that enable students to test out and evaluate the different ways of responding to conflict.

Download Resolving Conflict leaflet / order form

Why Human Rights?

Why Human RightsDVD £29.99 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

☞ view clip ☞

Content: 65 minutes in 9 units
Activity sheets: 75 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Key Stages 4-5, PSHE, RE, Citizenship

An introduction to human rights for the classroom. This DVD pack examines key issues such as the death penalty, freedom of expression, genocide, disappearances, torture, refugees, street children and prisoners of conscience. It encourages the understanding and discussion of the broader issues of tolerance, persecution, censorship and the work of human rights organisations.


Amnesty International logoThis pack comes with 60 activity sheets and full briefings on all the issues from the Amnesty International research index.

Download Why Human Rights? leaflet / order form

Why Morality?

Why MoralityDVD £29.99 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

☞ view clip ☞

Content: 60 minutes in 9 units
Workbook: 40 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Key Stage 4/5, RE, PSHE, Citizenship

A lively DVD pack which stimulates debate on nine major moral and ethical issues, including abortion, corporal punishment, morality and the press, the purpose of religion and "doing the right thing". It includes interviews with a wide range of people from The Bishop of Oxford, Max Clifford and the editor of The Sun, to miners' wives, an atheist, a humanist and environmental protesters. The pack includes 40 activity sheets. Video Resource Pack 9 units 70 mins.

Download Why Morality? leaflet / order form

Why Refugees?

Why Refugees?DVD £29.99 ex vat + £4.50 p&p

☞ view clip ☞

Content: 55 minutes in 11 units indexed for easy access with stop / start discussion points
Activity sheets: Separate 40 page Workbook with briefings and activities with DVD
Suitability: Key Stage 4-5, Citizenship / RE and Moral Studies / Critical Thinking / Modern Studies

Why Refugees is a DVD resource in 11 units. A group of 6th form students investigate why there are refugees, why they come to the United Kingdom and what happens to them when they arrive. The students investigate the role of the media, the law and the position of the political parties. They talk to politicians, lobby organisations, lawyers, journalists, historians and refugees themselves. The questions they ask include;

  • Why come to Britain?
  • How do they get here?
  • How long have refugees been coming to Britain?
  • What benefits do they receive?
  • Are they asylum-seekers or economic migrants?

It is a comprehensive investigation that unearths the facts, challenges the myths and provides a wide range of views that will stimulate research, writing and debate.

Download Why Refugees? leaflet / order form

The Animal Debate

The Animal DebateDVD £29.99 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

☞ view clip ☞

Content: 3 x 45 minute debates in 23 units indexed for easy access with stop / start discussion points
Activity sheets: 85 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Key Stage 4-5, Critical Thinking / RE and Moral Studies / PSHE

Three major debates designed to stimulate critical thinking on these key moral arguments. Fox hunting, Intensive farming, Medical experiments on animals. All three debates are specially segmented to allow stop-start after each argument,

  • The case for fox-hunting is made by the Master of the Warwickshire Hunt, the case against is made by the League Against cruel Sports.
  • The case for intensive farming is made by the National Farmers’ Union, the case against by Compassion in World Farming.
  • The case for the use of animals in medical experiments is made by Professor Colin Blakemore, the case against by Professor Chris Atterwell.

Students ask all the questions.

"This is a really excellent package, at once accurate, fair and thoughtfully produced. It addresses issues which most young people feel are vitally important"
Times Educational Supplement

Download The Animal Debate leaflet / order form

The Interview - How To Make The Most Out Of It

The Interview - How To Make The Most Out Of It - CharlieDVD £34.99 ex Vat. + £2.50 p&p.

☞ view clip ☞

Content: 7 6-10 minute films
Briefing: 20 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Work Experience & Citizenship (for 14 to 18 year olds)

"If in your job you have anything to do with preparing students for interviews, then buy this DVD"
Teaching Citizenship

This easy-to-use DVD consists of seven separate short films designed to prepare students for the full range of interviews they are likely to face, they include:
* Work Experience placement
* Part-time job,
* Full-time job
* University application
Based on real experiences these dramatic reconstructions raise the issues of:
* Self-presentation
* Being prepared
* Questions to ask
* Rights at work
* Avoiding pit falls
* Dealing with the unethical interviewer
All seven films come with twenty pages of linked briefings and activity sheets.

Download The Interview / order form


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