Energy Alternatives and the Environment

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The Energy Debate - Controlled Area - radiationThe Energy Debate

DVD 29.99 ex Vat + £2.50 postage

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Content: 60 minutes in 6 units
Activity sheets: 14 viewable/printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Key Stage 4-5

This debate should be part of every school curriculum.
What is our energy future?
What are the options?
Is nuclear power the answer?
Will we have a say?

TThe Energy Debate - The Forss wind farmhe Six DVD units are:

  1. Energy Crisis
  2. Nuclear or Not?
  3. Clean Coal
  4. Renewables
  5. Zero Carbon
  6. Energy Efficiency

In The Energy Debate the basic facts and different viewpoints are presented clearly and concisely by people directly involved in the energy sector. It was shot on location in the UK.

  • Can renewables like wind, wave and thermal power deliver?
  • Can fossil fuels be cleaned up and made more efficient?
  • Surely nuclear with it’s low carbon output is just what we need?
  • Couldn’t we use a lot less energy? Are we ready?

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The Energy Generation

Jobs and Careers in the Energy Sector KS4-5

The Energy Generation - Rob£29.99 ex Vat. + £2.50 p&p DVD & Worksheets

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Content: 13 8-10 minute profiles
Activities: 30 pages on DVD
Suitability: Key Stages 4-5, Business Studies and Careers

Twelve DVD career profiles of people working in one of the most talked about sectors in the UK.

This is working life through the voices of those at work.
Men and women just starting out and those with a lifetime in the energy sector,
describe their jobs, how they got there and how they see the future.

The Energy Generation - cooling towersThis is a must see for anyone thinking about their career. They tell you about:

finding the right job
doing interviews
being creative in science
life-time learning
energy futures

A superb insight into a fast changing sector where there are jobs for all abilities, engineering jobs for all, fast track for the ambitious, on the job training and of course, controversy!

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