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Celebrating Diversity

Celebrating DiversityDVD £25.00 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

Content: 69 minutes in 6 units
Support Book: 56 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 teachers and practitioners, PSHE, Citizenship, Inclusion

This useful resource for practitioners, teachers, students, lecturers and trainers is full of good ideas for countering discrimination and exclusion. It is based on the principle that good practice is inclusive practice.

Celebrating Diversity shows sequences of children, parents and practitioners working together to implement inclusion and avoid exclusion in all its forms. It deals with issues such as:

Celebrating Diversity is designed for use by practitioners and teachers working with 3 to 7 year olds in early years settings and nursery schools, Foundation Stage and KS1 classes. The DVD is divided into six separate easy-to-use sequences. The Support Book is included on the DVD and contains a range of additional examples and ideas for activities.

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Citizenship for All

Citizenship for AllDVD £25.00 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

Content: 70minutes in 7 units
Support Book: 48 printable pages on separate CD
Suitability: Key Stage 1/2 teachers practitioners, PSHE, Citizenship, Inclusion

"Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils are expected to learn about themselves
as developing individuals and as members of their communities."

"The Citizenship curriculum enables pupils to recognise and
develop the skills to actively challenge stereotypes,
bullying and racial harassment."

This DVD with supporting CD Rom, is designed to make citizenship education accessible and stimulating. The classroom strategies presented here show primary school children as active citizens, in a wide range of schools.

  1. Stimulate empathy and communication
  2. Build relationships basend on respect for oneself and others
  3. Unlearn prejudice and discriminatory attitudes
  4. Think about refugees and asylum seekers
  5. Expand feelings of identity and a sense of belonging
  6. Talk about racism and take action to combat it
  7. Practice democracy and take action to bring about change

The Support Book on CD Rom is included with this DVD/DVD with briefings on Citizenship education, support materials for activities, additional case studies and further resources.

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Persona Dolls in Action

Persona Dolls in ActionDVD £25.00 ex vat + £2.50 p&p

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Content: 50 minutes in 3 units
Support Book: 48 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Early Years Foundation Stage practitioners

This is equal opportunities in action’ Jane Louth, Community Teacher

Persona Dolls and their stories provide an enjoyable and non threatening way to implement inclusive and anti-discriminatory policies and practices in foundation stage settings.

In the DVD you see experienced practitioners working with the Dolls and with groups of children. The DVD captures the children's enjoyment and participation in the storytelling sessions and their concern for and involvement with the Dolls.

The DVD provides practitioners, parents, students and trainers with an accessible guide to using Persona Dolls.

Celebrating Diversity - Inclusion in Practice

Good practice is inclusive practice

This DVD resource is an ideal way to work with children to address sexism, racism and other inequalities. It covers foundation stage settings and key stage 1.

Practitioners, parents and teachers are seen promoting children's feelings of belonging, self esteem and pride in their own family background and in the language(s) they speak.

Here is an ideal opportunity for children to reflect on and unlearn prejudice and discriminatory behaviour.

"If you want to make everyone feel that they belong,
then here's a resource to help you"
Practical Professional Childcare

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