Work Experience and Careers

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going to university
Everything You Want To Know About Going To University


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A Question and Answer interactive DVD designed specifically for students who are the first in family to go to University.

DVD Resource:
DVD content: 20 questions 3-4 minutes each
2 student tours of universities 10 minutes each

Briefing & Advice: 20 printable pages downloadable from:
Suitability: Years 10, 11 & 12

Going To UniversityFilmed in small group sessions, students from years 10,11 and 12 ask the questions. They are from a wide range of backgrounds and are the first in their family planning to go to University. Their questions are an A - Z of their concerns and aspirations; from “where will I live?” to “will I get a better job?"

The answers come from graduate students fro m exactly the same backgrounds and are direct, clear and honest. Each question is formatted for instant click and view and, with the linked student briefing sheets, allows students to easily focus on the issues, so they can consider their options and make appropriate decisions.

The Questions Include:

  • Why Go?
  • How much will it cost? Loans, grants and bursaries.
  • What is a seminar?
  • Where will I live?
  • The first day - How bad is it?
  • How hard is degree work?
  • Working to a deadline - will I be chased?
  • Keeping up – who can I turn to for help?
  • My parents are worried - what can I tell them?

The answers are candid, funny, insightful and honest.

Two Student tours of Universities.
These two ten minute films follow
year 10 and 11 students visiting two Universities: Sussex, a purpose-built campus, and Greenwich, a multi site university.

The students visit lecture halls, libraries, IT centres and a hall of residence. The students see for themselves exactly what life at university involves and their questions cover the academic demands, finance and lifestyle.

These films are ideal preparation for students visiting universities themselves, so they know what to ask 
and can get the best from their visit.

Review by George Ferris
Aimhigher Consultant Waltham Forest East London:

This is a thorough and truly comprehensive guide which prepares young people for the difficult choice of deciding both whether to go to university and where and how to apply.

The material is fresh and direct, involving current undergrads and school and college students in wide ranging question and answer sessions which really do ‘touch all the bases’.

The DVD will prepare groups and individuals to get the most out of visits to Universities, and if this is not feasible this is the next best thing to being there, including tours of both city and campus environments.

Information ranges from the realities of shared space student life to the practicalities of making ends meet on a student loan: from the angst of making new friends to the possibilities of trying new hobbies.

The wealth of material is well organised and accessible, and combined with comprehensive on-line notes offering suggestions and activities, which could form the basis of either a school or college themed day  or a course of two to six sessions in a wide range of careers, G&T and life-skills contexts.

This DVD is an essential tool in helping young people make sense of the choices facing them in the sometime unfamiliar area of higher education.


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So You Want to Work in the Media

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Content: 18 x 10 - 15 minute films
Briefing: 60 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Careers and Work Experience

This double DVD has been produced for all those students wishing to work in the media industries or wanting to find out more about it.

Over 30 professionals are interviewed. They come from all backgrounds; some have just entered the industry and others have a lifetime’s experience. They offer candid insights into starting and maintaining a career in the media.

A truly comprehensive range of jobs is presented, each easily accessed via the DVD menus. There are worksheets with advice and briefings for each job, printable from the DVDs.



  • Directors – Experienced Part 1 and Part 2
  • Directors – New
  • Producer
  • Cameramen and Women
  • Editors
  • Researchers
  • Broadcast Engineer


  • Sound Recordists & Dubbing
  • Working in Radio
  • Photographers
  • Art Director
  • Special Effects Supervisor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Vision Mixer
  • Make-up Artist
  • Production Designer
  • Grip

The jobs are explained, with the skills and the training that are required, and the routes into the industry are clearly outlined. Briefings and advice sheets, printable from the DVDs, are linked to each film. Ideal for group work or independent career research.

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The Energy Generation

Jobs and Careers in the Energy Sector KS4-5

The Energy Generation - Rob

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Content: 13x8 8-10 minute profiles
Activities: 30 pages on DVD
Suitability: Key Stages 4-5, Business Studies and Careers

Thirteen DVD career profiles of people working in one of the most talked about sectors in the UK.

This is working life through the voices of those at work. Men and women just starting out and those with a lifetime in the energy sector, describe their jobs, how they got there and how they see the future.

The Energy Generation - cooling towersThis is a must see for anyone thinking about their career. They tell you about:

finding the right job
doing interviews
being creative in science
life-time learning
energy futures

A superb insight into a fast changing sector where there are jobs for all abilities, engineering jobs for all, fast track for the ambitious, on the job training and of course, controversy!

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The Interview - How To Make The Most Out Of It

The Interview - How To Make The Most Out Of It - Charlie For 14 to 18 year-olds

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Content: 7 6-10 minute films
Briefing: 20 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Work Experience & Citizenship

"If in your job you have anything to do with preparing students for interviews, then buy this DVD"
Teaching Citizenship

This easy-to-use DVD consists of seven separate short films designed to prepare students for the full range of interviews they are likely to face, they include:

* Work Experience placement
* Part-time job,
* Full-time job
* University application

Based on real experiences these dramatic reconstructions raise the issues of:

* Self-presentation
* Being prepared
* Questions to ask
* Rights at work
* Avoiding pit falls
* Dealing with the unethical interviewer

All seven films come with twenty pages of linked briefings and activity sheets.

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Why Trade Unions?


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Content: 40 minutes in 9 units
Activities: 19 printable pages on DVD
Suitability: Key Stage 4/5, PSHE, Citizenship, Work Experience

This is a student-led investigation into trade unions in the workplace. From multinationals to small businesses, people with different levels of responsibility give their views and experiences of issues including fairness at work, the role of the union, collective bargaining, health and safety, technology and training.

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